Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you an effective trainer / teacher?

Can't get your message across?

None of us want to think that the problem might be ourselves, but the question must be asked if people cannot follow your instructions, are you instructing in the right way?

Leading educators have found that people retain:
  • 10% of what is read
  • 20% of what is heard
  • 30% of what is seen
  • 50% of what is seen and heard
  • 70% of what is seen and spoken
  • 90% of what is said while doing what is talked about
Sounds simple but to be a good trainer / teacher you must have:
  • thorough knowledge of topic
  • desire to teach
  • positive, helpful, cooperative attitude
  • strong leadership abilities
  • professional attitude
  • exemplary behaviour to set positive example
And the basic principles of learning are:
  • people learn best when they are ready to learn
  • people learn more easily when what they are learning can be related to something they already know
  • people learn in a step by step manner, take it slowly, enjoy the journey, not the destination
  • people learn by doing, when at all possible make it hands on, see the point above - 90% is retained by doing!
  • the more often people use what they are learning, the better they will remember and understand it, in other words use or lose it
  • success in learning tends to stimulate additional learning
  • people need immediate and continual feedback to know if they have learned, positive re-inforcement, possibly the one thing that gets forgotten most in the workforce
Point to remember, if your student one day surpasses you, instead of feeling threatened by competition, take pride in your talents as a mentor and teacher - it is a hard skill to learn.

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