Friday, May 21, 2010

Introduction to IVY

I started Ivy Business Consulting after too many frustrating years in corporate life. It is a boutique practice set up to guide businesses of all sizes through various stages of the business life cycle.

Starting Up your Business

The main challenge throughout the start up stage is not to burn through what financial reserves you have. You need to learn how to service your clients needs most profitably and to continually monitor performance to keep your business on the right track.

Start-ups must focus on establishing a customer base and market presence along with tracking and conserving cash flow.

Ivy Consultants can assist new ventures by setting up where applicable:
  • accounting and reporting systems
  • cashflow monitoring
  • payroll functions and processes
  • sales reports
  • customer relationship management systems
  • website
Growing your Business

During the growth phase revenues and customers are increasing with new opportunities arising while also bringing to light many issues and possible threats. Profits are getting stronger but competition can also be elevating.

The biggest challenge growing companies face is dealing with the constant range of issues competing for more time and money. Effective and efficient management is necessary. Businesses in a growth phase must focus on running the business in a more formal fashion to deal with the increased complexity, sales and customers. A successful organisation creates value for the customer by focusing internal activities on customer oriented primary processes.

We can assist during this phase as an outsourced business support in functions such as:
  • bookkeeping
  • accounting
  • HR
  • compliance
  • IT
  • new project feasibility and due diligence
By outsourcing non income producing activities and leveraging off Ivy Consultants experience you can better utilise your precious time to focus on your primary income generating activities such as business development, customer service, product & services improvement and R&D, allowing you to grow your business without growing your internal headcount.

Establish and Expand your Business

Every business gets to a stage where issues of business complexity, competition, internal and market growth or other critical factors demand an injection of outside knowledge or resources to launch a new era of performance.

Ivy Consultants can provide:
  • a full back office outsourcing facility focusing on finance and accounting functions
  • improved business processes through automation
  • efficiency improvement and/or re-engineering and business restructuring.
  • develop strategies that can:
  • assist your business to operate efficiently
  • manage resources effectively
  • utilise your competitive advantage
  • grow your market share and build a financially sustainable business.


We can offer alternative exit strategies including full or partial sale of equity.

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