Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 7 Critical Success Factors for Business - Part 5

Week 5 of the series in discussing the Top 7 Critical Success Factors for Business brings us to a subject that scares many people due to the pace of its change and the need to constantly keep up to date.
  1. Plan
  2. Competitive velocity
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Network
  5. Technology
  6. Culture
  7. Global thinking
The right use of technology can not only reduce manpower needs and operational costs but also increase efficiencies and open channels to new markets, all directly affecting your bottom line. The danger is adopting technology for technology's sake, care must be taken to identify and only implement that technology that is needed to support your business and its growth.

As part of the technology consideration the mix of Online vs Offline must determined.

Many facets of business operations can now be conducted both on and off line - e-commerce, business development, sales, customer service, marketing and public relations - you must find the right balance between online and offline that is right for your individual business and budget.

Whatever the mix though, consistency of message must always be maintained.

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